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10-25-2008: CSDM 2.1.2 Released, Small Update

I have released a small update to CSDM to work against the latest CS 1.6 update from Valve. Thanks to sawce for the necessary fixes. Get it at the downloads page. Changelog:
 - Fixed CSDM to work against the latest CS 1.6 update from Valve.

11-08-2007: CSDM 2.1.1 Released, Small Update

I have released a small update to CSDM, mainly to make it work with AMX Mod X 1.8.0. The new version (and old) are both available for download on the downloads page. Changelog:
 - Fixed compatibility bug with AMX Mod X 1.8.0 and Linux.
 - Fixed two small potential RTE errors.
 - Fixed admin command having blank access permissions.
 - Merged in a few bug fixes from AMX Mod X Core.
 - Reduced or eliminated potential FreeBSD compatibility problems.
 - Commented spawn editor from being enabled by default.
 - Removed AMD64 build.

08-21-2007: Hotfix and Security Warning

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, it looks like the spawn editor had a small security issue -- it could be used by non-admins. I apologize for this mistake and recommend either re-downloading the spawn editor (the .zip file in the downloads has been corrected), or disabling it in plugins-csdm.ini. It is now disabled by default in the package.

10-12-2006: CSDM 2.1 Released

After four months of being beta, I'm very pleased to announce CSDM 2.1 as a final stable release for Counter-Strike: Deathmatch. This release fixes all known major problems with spectator glitches, respawning, API inadequacies, and spawn point creation. It also adds many features requested over the past four to six months.

You should completely remove any old CSDM 2.00 installations before installing 2.1. Make sure you save your csdm.cfg files so you can mirror any changes into the new one. Click "Install" or "Documentation" on the left for more information.

Complete 2.1 Changelog:
 -Added "item mode" from CSDM 1.7.
 -Added FFA mode -- and fixed reduced damage, tk messages, and scoring.
 -Added 'n' autoitem to give nightvision goggles.
 -Added 'd' autoitem to give defuse kits to CTs.
 -Added "spawn_wait_time" to csdm.cfg.
 -Re-wrote spawn editor from scratch - now actually works.
 -CSDM now remembers whether a user silenced their gun or not (M4A1, USP).
 -Rewrote, optimized, and improved safety of weapon deletion.
 -Rewrote many internal hooking routines to be more deterministic and faster.
 -Rewrote respawning mechanism to reduce ghosting possibilities.
 -Removed "Engine" dependency - CSDM is now Fakemeta only.
 -Fixed bots not getting defuse kits when auto-enabled.
 -Fixed defuse kits not being removed from the world on death.
 -Fixed various issues when enabling the shield (unsupported).
 -Fixed bots not getting autoarmor/grenades properly.
 -Fixed another spectator spawning glitch.
 -Fixed shields not being deleted if enabled.
 -Fixed being able to say "respawn" in ticket mode while dead.
 -Fixed ghosting bugs.
 -Fixed round ticketing bugs.
 -Fixed various minor bugs.
 -Fixed various API issues (note: CSDM2.1 breaks CSDM2 API).

06-12-2006: Released CSDM 2.10-beta4 to Beta Testers

This release is bug-fix only. Click Download to get it.

 - Fixed a spec spawning bug with UAIO.
 - Improved ammo refilling.
 - Removed radar for FFA mode.