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06-25-2011: CS:S DM for latest CS:S Update
I have released another quick update, CS:S DM 2.1.4, to work with the latest set of OrangeBox updates. CS:S DM now requires Metamod:Source 1.8.7 and SourceMod 1.3.8.

04-17-2011: CS:S DM for latest CS:S Update
I have released another quick update to CS:S DM to work with the latest set of CS:S updates. CS:S DM now requires Metamod:Source 1.8.6 and SourceMod 1.3.7. Special thanks to Nicholas "psychonic" Hastings for help.

09-05-2010: Another CS:S DM Fix for latest CS:S Update
I have released a quick update to CS:S DM to work with the latest set of CS:S updates, including the transition to Orange Box. CS:S DM now requires Metamod:Source 1.8 and SourceMod 1.3. Special thanks to Nicholas "psychonic" Hastings for help.

09-07-2009: CS:S DM Fix for latest CS:S Update
I have released a quick update to CS:S DM to fix FFA for the latest CS:S update. You only need to update "", and only if you are using CS:S version 74 or higher. Note that the version number will still appear as "2.1.0".

11-14-2007: CS:S DM 2.1.0 Released
I have released a quick update to CS:S DM to address a few minor bugs, particularly one that came up with the recent CS:S update. Note that SourceMod has gotten over 500 revisions since the last CS:S DM release. You will need to upgrade to the latest version of SourceMod (r1683 or higher).

To upgrade to CS:S DM 2.1.0, replace all gamedata and translation files, .dll/.so binaries, and .smx binaries. Upgrade SourceMod if you haven't already.

 - Added the ability to translate equipment menus (translation file must 
   be updated if you upgrade).
 - Added the ability to skip a weapon selection menu via "Exit."
 - Added an experimental cssdm_remove_drops cvar for specifying whether 
   CS:S DM removes weapon drops.
 - Fixed a bug where if you only selected one gun, you could not opt to 
   repeat the selection on the main equipment menu.
 - Fixed a bug where dm_equipment could perform actions on players/bots 
   when cssdm_enable_equipment was 0.
 - Fixed a bug where an unspecified primary or secondary weapon could be 
   given if the cssdm.equip.txt file specified none in the list and the 
   player selected "Random."
 - Fixed a bug where bot_quota would stop working if cssdm_bots_balance 
   was set to "0".
 - Fixed "nightvision" not being in the cssdm.equip.txt config file.
 - Fixed bots always getting defuse kits.
 - Fixed a bug where CS:S DM crashed if FFA mode was set on the latest 
   CS:S version.
 - Updated some library code from SourceMod that had received bug fixes 
   since the last release.
07-25-2007: CS:S DM 2.0.0 Released
After more than half a year without any major incidents from Valve, I have released a complete rewrite to CS:S DM! This version is more flexible, stable, and faster - and it's powered by SourceMod!

The new version can be installed on top of SourceMod without any extra configuration. Old versions of CS:S DM (0.9x) must be completely removed beforehand. You can convert old config files if you need to. Be sure to check out the updated FAQ!

Click here to download

 - Rewrote CS:S DM to be a SourceMod extension.
 - CS:S DM is now open source, under the GNU General Public License.
 - CS:S DM's spawning, equipment, and other features have been moved
   to SourceMod plugins.
 - Most configuration options are now cvars; a new per-map config system is
   now in place.
 - CS:S DM can now be translated to different languages.
 - cssdm_enable/disable, cssdm_ffa_enable/disable are removed in favor of
   cssdm_enabled/cssdm_ffa_enabled cvars.
 - cssdm_password/cssdm_login are removed in favor of SourceMod's admin
 - Improved CS:S DM's removal of dropped items (including defusekits).
 - Improved CS:S DM's spawning of late joined players, players joining
   a team after spectating, and late joining of bots.
 - Greatly improved the intelligence of the weapons menu.  It will now
   choose not to display if it knows only one or less items can be 
 - Added a "Random Weapons" feature to the weapon menus.
 - Removed the grenade and armor menus.
 - Added a new interactive spawn point editor ("cssdm_spawn_menu").
 - Added a plugin to manage bot_quota correctly.
 - Removed cssdm_addspawn.
 - Improved bot support for automatic items.
 - Fixed a bug where C4 would be removed when CS:S DM was disabled.
 - The "respawn" command will now properly obey spawn wait times.
 - Updates are easier to patch; a text file holds all internal offsets.
12-11-2006: CS:S DM 0.97 Released
This is a minor update to CS:S DM to address some crash bugs and the last two Valve updates. If you still get mapchange bugs after this release, read the release notes in the forums for directions.

 - Added a new menu flag 'x' to disable Cs:S DM menus.
 - Improved coloring of gun menus.
 - Fixed a mapchange crash bug related to body_stay_time.
 - Fixed a mapchange crash bug related to bots.
 - Fixed a shutdown crash bug that occurred if bots were ingame.
11-18-2006: CS:S DM 0.96c Released
This is a minor update to CS:S DM to address the latest Valve update. This version is a replacement for a recalled release of 0.96b.

 - Fixed CS:S DM menus not working after a November 16th Valve update.
 - Fixed CS:S DM not loading properly on some FreeBSD servers.
10-11-2006: CS:S DM 0.96 Released
This is a minor update to CS:S DM to address some problems found over the past two months. It is not needed to run on the latest CS:S beta, however, it will work regardless.

 - Added option to use the old spawn protection mode method (protection_type = 1).
 - Added an option to change the health points players get on respawn 
 - Fixed player weapons not being removed from the world on disconnect.
 - Fixed a respawn-as-spectator exploit.
 - Fixed a debug message that was accidentally spamming the log files.
08-26-2006: CS:S DM 0.95 Released
This version works with the latest CS:S update and adds many features commonly requested over the past two months. It also fixes minor bugs reported since 0.91.

Note that there are many new configuration file options. It is highly recommended that you sync your cssdm.cfg file to the latest layout in order stay up to date. Enjoy!

 - Updated CS:S DM for the latest CS:S update (8-24).
 - Spawn Protection is now rewritten.  Players do not take damage until the
   protection time is over.  If players press any movement, action, or weapon 
   buttons, the protection time ends instantly.
 - Added 'strip_weapons' option and an 'auto_weapons' section for tweaking 
   spawn gun control.
 - Added 'respawn_wait_time' option to change the death respawn interval.
 - Added 'respawn_wait_method' option.  Servers can now force players to fire 
   +attack to respawn.  This is experimental and may not work as expected due 
   to spectator mode.
 - Added 'allow_c4' option to toggle whether C4 is stripped from players and 
   deleted on drop.  Also fixed C4 not being removed correctly.
 - Added 'auto_refill' option which lets players manually reload to refill their 
 - Added 'flash_num' option to change how many flashbang grenades are given.
 - Added 'n' flag for auto_items to automatically give nightvision.
 - Fixed a bug where auto mapchange files could change to the same map 
 - Fixed a bug where internal menu tracking was not cleared after menu selection.
 - Internally replaced the weapon drop hook with a much faster and more stable 
04-25-2006: CS:S DM 0.91 Released
This version adds a few popularly requested features and fixes issues from the last major CS:S updates from Valve. Enjoy!

 - Updated CS:S DM for the latest CS:S update (4-20).
 - Added body_stay_time option for timed ragdoll removal.
 - Added dir for map-specific config files.
 - Added spawn files from forums (credits in credits.txt)
 - Added option to force map changes for Stripper users.
 - Fixed requiring a mapchange on late loading.
 - Fixed FFA not working on Linux.
01-21-2006: CS:S DM 0.84a Released
A quick release was made to fix the latest CS:S update. Download the patch from the downloads section.

01-14-2006: CS:S DM 0.84 Released
This release fixes a few annoying gameplay bugs. Upgrading isn't necessary unless these bother you.

 - Fixed no lag compensation in FFA reducing hit registration.
 - Fixed spawning before model selection.
 - Fixed rare crash bug when server quit.
01-09-2006: CS:S DM 0.82 Released
I have released a quick fix: CS:S DM 0.82. I have also put up an official CS:S DM server at for people to demo it out. It has FFA, 66 ticrate, and physics props stripped.

 - Fixed a bug where using bots would crash CS:S DM.
01-07-2006: CS:S DM 0.81 Released
This release fixes a problems with the latest Valve update and adds the biggest features to date - Free for All mode. To enable FFA, use cssdm_ffa_[on|off] or set free_for_all to 1 in your cssdm.cfg. FFA is considered a work in progress, however, damage to teammates is exactly the same as enemies. Changelog:
 - Updated CS:S DM for the latest CS:S Update.
 - Added Free-For-All mode with new option - free_for_all.
 - Added commands cssdm_ffa_on and cssdm_ffa_off.
 - Exposed server command cssdm_respawn to respawn a player by index.
 - Fixed bot weapons.
 - CS:S DM now requires Metamod:Source 1.2.
12-06-2005: CS:S DM 0.76 Released
This release fixes a few problems with the latest Valve update and adds some popularly requested features. There are two new config file options and a new command. See the updated FAQ for details and make sure to sync your config file changes before uploading the new one.
 - Updated CS:S DM for the 12/1 CS:S update
 - Fixed spawn protection.
 - Added bomb removal option.
 - Added objective removal option.
 - Added round blocking option.
 - Added cssdm_reload command for reloading config files.
 - Added spawn points for de_nuke.
10-25-2005: CS:S DM 0.72 Released
This is another bug-fix release for people experiencing some random issues. It also adds the ability to enable/disable CS:S DM. Changelog:
 - Added cssdm_enable and cssdm_disable server commands.
 - Fixed and improved "guns" command.
 - Fixed bug where unloading CS:S DM caused a crash.
 - Fixed "scout" mispelling in config file.
 - Fixed a few register corruption bugs.
10-21-2005: CS:S DM 0.71 Released
This is a quick fix-it release for Metamod:Source 1.1.
It does not have all the features and fixes I intend for 0.80.
0.71 Beta - October 21, 2005
 - Updated for Metamod:Source 1.1 API
 - Updated to not use libstdc++
 - Fixed menu parse bug on newlines
 - Fixed bug where menus overflowed message buffer
 - Temporarily removed round-blocking code
 - Note, the above fixes map changing and weird CT score bugs

08-2005: CS:S DM 0.70 Released - First Public Beta
Grab it from the downloads link. It's a beta, report any bugs.
Wondering what CS:S DM is? See the About link.
To see CS:S DM in action, join index's server at