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Q: Can I upgrade from CS:S DM 0.9x? You must completely delete all old CS:S DM files before upgrading to 2.0.0. You can use this tool to convert your custom config files.

Q: Can I have per-map configuration?
A: Map-specific versions of files:
  • cfg/cssdm/cssdm.equip.txt -< cfg/cssdm/maps/MAP.equip.txt
  • cfg/cssdm/cssdm.cfg -< cfg/cssdm/maps/MAP.cssdm.cfg
Where "MAP" is the map name. Both generic and map-specific files are always loaded (in that order) so inheritance will work.

Q: How do I add spawn points?
A: Make sure the dm_preset_spawns plugin is running in SourceMod. Then make sure you have an admin account with the "map" flag ("g") enabled. Use cssdm_spawn_menu to edit the spawn points of a map. Q: I use Stripper:Source, and my maps never change because the rounds don't end!
A: Set cssdm_force_mapchanges to 1 in your cssdm.cfg. Optionally you can set cssdm_mapchange_file as well. Once mp_timelimit is up, your map will be forcefully changed to the next in your mapcycle.

Q: How do I enable/disable Free for All mode?
A: Use cssdm_ffa_enabled [0|1], which can be changed in your cssdm.cfg. You should not have mp_friendlyfire on!

Q: How do I enable/disable CS:S DM?
A: Use cssdm_enabled [0|1]. It's a cvar that can be set at any time, or in cssdm.cfg.

Q: How do I stop rounds/remove objectives (hostages, bombs, etc)?
A: Use Stripper:Source and remove the following classnames: "hostage_entity" and "/.*bomb.*/". this will prevent these items from being placed into CS:S maps by the engine.

Q: Why are some of your spawn points sucky?
A:Counter-Strike maps don't make good DM maps. In fact, most aren't very good maps at all. You will find the good CS maps (i.e., popular ones) are very simple, mostly unthemed, and easy to navigate. This is a classic traight of simplistic Deathmatch maps. Train, cbble, assault, dust, dust2, and 1.6's inferno followed this pattern. Other maps, such as havana, chateau, piranesi, try too hard and miss the point. They are redunant and filled with useless things; as such, spawns for worse maps are much harder to find. If you don't like the spawns on a popular map, redo them yourself.

Q: Why won't CSDM work on FreeBSD? I get "sig line failed" or something!
A: Your FreeBSD server is not mounting procfs for Linux compatibility. You need to add this to your /etc/fstab:
proc                /proc           procfs  rw,noauto       0       0
Then you can run mount /proc and CSDM should work.

Q: Can you make CS:S DM a Server Plugin instead of a SourceMod Plugin?
A: No. SourceMod is a very stable, very well designed platform that I helped designed. Not only does CS:S DM help promote that by showing how SourceMod can be used, but it provides a stable platform for me to work with. CS:S DM shaved off roughly 2,500 lines of code from its MM:S to SourceMod port and many users reported that its performance improved as well. The source code is open if you want to try writing a Valve Server Plugin version (or porting it back to MM:S), but remember that it needs to stay GPL'd.

Q: Can I run other plugins with CS:S DM?
A: If they are SourceMod/Metamod:Source plugins, most likely yes. If they are Server Plugins, it depends on how "hacky" they are. For example, NemoD is a comprehensive and complicated plugin, which might interfere with CS:S DM. Others, such as Mani, might not use vtable hooking, but might still cause problems.

Q: Is this official? I've seen another CS:S DM
A: Obviously, I can't call it "official", but I'm saying it is. The original "CSdm" was a closed source, unpopular plugin written by I made a much more enhanced version, called "CSDM", as open source, around January 2004. It quickly became very popular. This is my official port of the CSDM concept to Counter-Strike: Source. If you see other plugins calling themselves "CS:S DM", it's not my version, and they should use a different name out of respect for not poisoning the namespace.