Deathmatch Mod


.CS:S Version


Q1: Can I have per-map configuration?
A1: Yes. First, look at AMX Mod X's Per-Map Config Setup. All you have to is make a custom map file that executes csdm_reload. csdm_reload will load a CSDM config file if it's somewhere in the configs dir. For example:
csdm_reload "csdm\extraconfigs\itemstuff.cfg"
Note that these "extra" config files can be simple. You only need to include what's different from the master csdm.cfg file.

Q2: How can I make rounds not end?
A: Look at csdm.cfg to make sure you have setup objectives to be stripped. Note that this will not stop the case of an entire team dying - CSDM will act funny in 2v1, 1v2, or 1v1 scenarios if the only player on a team is killed.

Q3: How do I enable/disable Free for All mode?
A: Make sure the "csdm_ffa.amxx" plugin is enabled in addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins-csdm.ini. Use csdm_ffa_enable/csdm_ffa_disable, or csdm_ffa_ctrl ingame. You can also change free_for_all in your cssdm.cfg. Lastly, csdm_menu has an FFA control option. Note that unlike CS:S DM, CSDM requires mp_friendlyfire to be on, and automatically enables it for you.

Q4: How do I enable/disable CSDM?
A: You can use csdm_enable/csdm_disable, or csdm_menu. You can also set the "enabled" variable in csdm.cfg.

Q5: How do I add spawn points?
A: Make sure the "spawn_editor.amxx" plugin is enabled in amxmodx\configs\plugins-csdm.ini. Then use the "edit_spawns" command in-game (you must be an admin).

Q6: Why are some of your spawn points sucky?
A: Counter-Strike maps don't make good DM maps. In fact, most aren't very good maps at all. You will find the good CS maps (i.e., popular ones) are very simple, mostly unthemed, and easy to navigate. This is a classic traight of simplistic Deathmatch maps. Train, cbble, assault, dust, dust2, and inferno generally follow this pattern. Other maps, such as havana, chateau, piranesi, try too hard and miss the point. They are redunant and filled with useless things; as such, spawns for worse maps are much harder to find. If you don't like the spawns on a popular map, redo them yourself.

Q7: I don't understand the CSDM versions! Can I run it on AMX Mod?
A: CSDM 1.70 is a very old AMX Mod plugin version. It was haphazardly ported to AMX Mod X, ignoring most of its internal flaws and performance problems. During this time, the AMX Mod version was maintained separately on the AMX Mod site. I do not support this version, so I won't even link to it unless I really have to.

CSDM 2.00 was a major release which moved many functions to a module, making CSDM more extensible, configurable, and much faster. CSDM 2.1 is a major fixup release for the problems found.

Q8: Why won't CSDM work on FreeBSD? I get "sig line failed" or something!
A: Your FreeBSD server is not mounting procfs for Linux compatibility. You need to add this to your /etc/fstab:
proc                /proc           procfs  rw,noauto       0       0
Then you can run mount /proc and CSDM should work.

Q9: Why won't CSDM 2.1 work with CS 1.5 or CS no-steam?
A: CSDM 2.1 is built against the current version of Counter-Strike/Condition Zero. If you use it with outdated or unsupported versions, it will not run. I will not add support for no-steam, however, I might add support for CS 1.5/1.3 if I get a reasonable number of requests. You can also use CSDM 2.00, which works with CS 1.5.

Q: Is this official? I've seen another CSDM!
A: Obviously, I can't call it "official", but I'm saying it is. The original "CSdm" was a closed source, unpopular plugin written by I made a much more enhanced version, called "CSDM", as open source, around January 2004. It was created mostly on request and updated for Schroet Kommando/Catch-Gamer representatives. It quickly became very popular, and I estimate it runs on close to a thousand servers. If you see other plugins calling themselves "CSDM", it's not my version, and they should use a different name out of respect for not poisoning the namespace.

Another version of DM play for CS is available called "twisted DM", or "tDM" (as preferred by the author). Similarly, this isn't made by me. It is appropriate to call it "deathmatch," but please don't refer to other specific versions as "CSDM."