Deathmatch Mod


.CS:S Version


There are currently three major versions of CSDM available. CSDM 2.1 Installation Instructions:
  1. Make sure the latest version of AMX Mod X is installed. Version 1.76 or higher is required.
  2. Download the latest version of CSDM.
  3. Extract the CSDM package to your addons/amxmodx folder, or extract it locally for upload to FTP.
  4. Open addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins-csdm.ini file and enable/disable the plugins you want.
  5. Open addons/amxmodx/configs/csdm.cfg and configure CSDM to your liking.
  6. Restart your HLDS server, and you're done!

CSDM 2.0 Installation Instructions:
  1. Make sure you have AMX Mod X 1.60 or higher installed.
  2. Download CSDM 2.0.
  3. Upload/copy the contents of the configs folder (csdm.cfg and the csdm folder containing the map spawn files) to your amxmodx/configs folder on your server.
  4. Upload the contents of the plugins folder to amxmodx/plugins on your server.
  5. Upload the contents of the modules folder to amxmodx/modules on your server.
  6. Add this line to your amxmodx/configs/modules.ini file:
  7. ;Counter-Strike Deathmatch Module
  8. Open amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini. CSDM comes with a few plugins by default. You should only add the ones you plan on using:
    • csdm_main.amxx - Main plugin, required for most things
    • csdm_equip.amxx - Weapons and equipment menus
    • csdm_spawn_preset.amxx - Preset spawning (each map must have a spawn file in amxmodx/configs/csdm/)
    • spawn_editor.amxx - Edits/creates spawn points for maps
    • csdm_misc.amxx - Miscellanious extra features
    • csdm_tickets.amxx - Round ticketing (each team only has X number of spawns before they lose)
    • csdm_protection.amxx - Sets spawn protection
    For each plugin you wish to use, add their filename to amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini. It is safe to add plugins you won't use all the time; you can configure their settings and enable/disable them through amxmodx/configs/csdm.cfg.
  9. Add the following line to amxx.cfg or server.cfg:
    	csdm_active 1
  10. Fully restart your server and you will be ready to go with a default setup!

CSDM 1.7 Installation Instructions:
  1. Make sure you have AMX Mod X 1.00 or higher installed. If you wish to use CSDM 1.70 on AMX Mod X 1.50, and you wish to modify or debug the plugin, you should recompile it under AMX Mod X 1.50.
  2. CSDM Mod requires AMX Mod X with the ENGINE and Fun modules enabled. It was designed to run on Counter-Strike and will not work on any other mod (except Condition Zero).
  3. To install the plugin file: Simply copy csdm_mod.amx to your addons\amxmodx\plugins\ folder and add "csdm_mod.amx" (without quotes) to addons\amxmodx\plugins.ini.
  4. To install the required modules: Open "addons\amxmodx\modules.ini" and remove the semi-colon (";") from the lines with the Engine module and Fun module.
  5. Make sure you also copy the folder "csdm" to your addons\amxmodx folder. It contains the predefined entity and spawn lists. RANDOM SPAWNING WILL NOT WORK OTHERWISE!