Does it work?

One of the most ridiculous support questions we often get is simply:

“Does it work?”

The topic can be anything related to the project. An API call. A plugin. A feature. A menu option. A user sees something, decides not to investigate it and instead asks “Does it work?” via IRC or a forum post.

Why would we have added and documented something that doesn’t work? Why not spend the time verifying whether it works (which would often take a matter of seconds) instead of spending time asking and waiting? Maybe users have become too jaded from past experiences, but in my opinion, any feature added should be assumed to be working as documented. If it doesn’t, well, then you’ve discovered a bug.

It’s not in just my projects that I’ve noticed this. For example, I observed this treasure in the EventScripts channel:

L 07:37:41 <User1> does es.event work?
L 07:42:29 <User2> yes

I don’t even use this product and it took me seconds of googling to verify that it was documented. Documentation is rarely written for no reason, so I’m going to assume it is backing something existent and working.

This is definitely at the top of my List of Useless Questions.

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